Martin working in Dubai

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I started roofing in 1982 doing my apprentice for Selby & Selby. They where specialists in old building and renovation. Mostly slate and Kent peg roofs. I moved into London learning flat roofing systems for over 15 years. I have worked on some of the biggest sites in London, Manchester and Dublin.

My last job in Dubai before I started this business with my son Freddy. Who I have taught for the last 5 years.

Flat roofing is a art as its so specialized using gas guns and lots of detail work. You have to be very experienced to lay a flat roof professionally. A lot of companies will use cheap materialis and painted solutions from tins. This does not work and does not last. Worst of all is when a roofer goes over your old flat roof. This seals all the moister and dampness in and the only way is down and through your roof. This causes long term problems which end up being very costly.

This is why I have decided to invest, and have backing from a professional insurance company who underwrites all of our work and guarantees that you are safe with our roofing for 10 years. A total piece of mind for all of our clients.